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Scoma Springbank IB1996 Scoma 23 Year Old 40th Anniversary,500ml,54.5%

Scoma Springbank IB1996 Scoma 23 Year Old 40th Anniversary,500ml,54.5%

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Can I buy your whisky from this website?

According to the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act of Taiwan, it's not allowed to sell alcohol online. You could contact us through the official Line account.

Is the Peaty House a bar? Can we drink in the shop?

The Peaty House is a peated whisky shop, not a bar.In our shop, you can try the whisky, attend whisky tasting events, and buy whisky.

Shall we may an appointment?What is the address of the Peaty House?What is the business hours?

Welcome to the Peaty House without an appointment. In order to provide better services, we hope that you can make an appointment in advance. We will have a special small gift from the appointment.

The business hours are 10am - 7pm at Taipei Time.

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