The Peaty House

The Shop of Peated Whisky & Enthusiast. The first peated whisky shop in Taiwan.

We are one of Asia’s up and rising whisky agents. Established by peaty whisky lovers from Scotland, England, Taiwan and China. We have whisky trading partners in the UK, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. We intend to introduce and offer the best and most flavoursome peaty whiskies to our customers across Asia and connect the love of peaty whisky globally.

Connect Whisky Lovers

We work alongside a wide range of whisky lovers from the technology, internet, media, creative, finance and investment industries that come and enjoy it with us. Our customers enjoy the classic and sophisticated peaty whiskies as well being willing to sample anything new we recommend.

We are on the hunt for peaty obsessed weirdos!!

As passionate about peaty deliciousness as us!! The kind of people that got peaty blood in their blood!!

  • Taipei shop launching in Jul/2022

  • Plan: Hsinchu business operation start in Q1/2023

  • Plan: China business operation start in Q1/2023

  • Plan: Singapore business operation start in Q1/2023

  • Plan: Japan business operation start in Q2/2023

  • Plan: UK business operation start in Q3/2023

Looking for Business Opportunities Globally

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Whisky Knowledage Sharing

We organize regular whisky knowledge sharing and dram tasting sessions led by qualified experts in peaty whiskies. Our aim is not only to sell great peaty whiskies to people but also to blossom whisky enjoyment culture all over Asia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Peaty House a bar? Can we drink in the shop?

The Peaty House is a peated whisky shop, not a bar. In our shop, you can try the whisky, attend whisky tasting events, and buy whisky.

Does the Peaty house only open for members? How to apply for being a member? What are the discounts for members?

No, everyone is welcome to come and try our peated whisky.You'll become our general member after providing your personal information. Spending a certain amount on our whisky, you'll be upgraded to our VIP member, who will be obligated to special discounts and attend a tasting event for free.

Does the Peaty House only sell peated whisky?

The Peaty House also sells peated flavours of liquor from over the world, like peated brandy, peated tequila, and peated beer. There are more to come.

Does the Peaty House host whisky tasting events?

Yes, we'll occasionally invite our general members and VIP members to attend our monthly-themed whisky tasting event.Please follow our official Line account @284hxfty.

Can I buy your whisky from this website?

According to the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act of Taiwan, it's not allowed to sell alcohol online. You could contact us through the official Line account.

Shall we may an appointment? What is the address of the Peaty House? What is the business hours?

Welcome to the Peaty House without an appointment. In order to provide better services, we hope that you can make an appointment in advance. We will have a special small gift from the appointment.

The business hours are 10am - 7pm at Taipei Time.
Address: No. 266, Rui’an St., Da’an Dist., 106 Taipei City, Taiwan.
Telephone No: +886-2-2700-0606

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